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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Women - Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hey girls and women of all ages, I’m going to tell you a secret, it's all about how to catch a guy’s attention.

Wear a football jersey.

Can you imagine the excitement of a man seeing his favorite thing (football) with boobs in it! That’s like two treats in one!

Let me convert this into women’s terms on what it’s like for a man, seeing a women, wearing a football jersey. Imagine your nose is pressed to the jewelry store window staring at diamonds, all sparkling and shiny, wishing you were wearing one. That’s what it’s like. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

It’s like dangling a fine steak around your neck, you look like a fine catch.

When you wear a football jersey out in public, men you don’t even know, will shout out a comment to you about your team, usually in fun, about how good or bad they are. Maybe they are married, maybe they are dating someone, maybe, just maybe they are single. Do you know how many men love and watch football? Your chances of meeting a single man are pretty good.

Case in point about strange men talking to you just out of the blue when your wearing a football team jersey. I’m from NY (upstate) and I was walking downtown at lunch, when a guy behind me says “you're rooting for the wrong team”. I had on a Vikings No. 4 (Favre) shirt at the time, and that’s a no no in NY, BUT you have to stand with your convictions when you wear your team’s jersey, because you will most likely come across a hater (an even better way to start a conversation, all in fun of course). I then replied “well I’m really a Jets fan", which really throws them off, I then explained that Favre played for the Jets for one year, so I’m following him. The guy went onto say he owned the T.C. Jets - a local football team for guys who didn’t go to college, to play on after high school.

You see, I’m having a dialogue with a man, we are exchanging football facts, who knows, he could have asked me for my phone number, except he was about 20 years older and I’m married and not interested. Luckily my husband does not get upset about these football conversations with strange men, even when he’s around, hell, he even joins in - that’s all a part of being a part of the tribe (the football tribe).

My point is that I’m talking to a man, you can talk to strange men too.

I went to the Jets training camp the last two years since it was being held in Cortland, NY, these are my people, these are my tribe. Most of us tribe mates wore our green and whites. You can converse with your tribe mates anywhere any time when one of us is wearing our tribal colors.

I recently went to Walmart Superstore (the one with groceries) on Football Sunday, it was around 11:00 am not too early and not too late (football games start at 1:00 pm EST but the pregame show comes on even earlier at 12:00). It was warm out for September so nobody was wearing a coat, at least 10 guys had their football jerseys on, as did I. I wasn’t in much of a social mood, but had I been, I would have probably shouted a comment to all of them about their team (most of them were wearing Jets jerseys), and I’m sure most of them would have had a thing or two to say in return.

I suggest Walmart as the place to hang out for that kind of thing because a couple weeks later I went to a different local grocery store on game day around the same time, and I only saw one football jersey. I guess at Walmart you can get your car oil, a pair of socks, to go along with the guacamole dip for the game snacks all in the same place. And here’s a tip for women reading this article who are ready to run out and get a football jersey of their very own, you can find your local (state) team at Walmart. That’s right, go to the men’s clothing section, hey, you never know, you just might be able to strike up your first ever football conversation while rummaging through the racks.

Warning, you do have to know a little about your team, because men will stop you and ask what you thought about last weeks game or about the one coming up. You have to know the quarterbacks name and a couple of the other main players. You should also learn some rules. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a football game where someone behind you, (usually a guy) is explaining to someone else (usually a women) that there are four quarters in a game and each are 15 minutes long, that’s football 101, ugh! why are you even there? you’re just embarrassing yourself, you should at least know the basics before you go.

Being part of a tribe (football) has within it separate family’s (teams) but we all generally get along and have a good comradity. There are a few crazies out there, but for the most part everyone is harmless.

Did I mention there are a lot of handsome, sexy, athletic men who play football? Have I gotten your attention now. Don’t wait, go now to www.NFL.com/shop, pick a team that is in your state, pick a team where you like their colors, the point is buy a jersey, turn the TV on Sunday, sit back and learn some names and rules, put your jersey on, go out in public, and find yourself a football teammate you can call your own.

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