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Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Can Get Rid of the Disco, But Not the Bunny

I’m almost embarrassed for myself, but I’m not, because if I was, I guess I wouldn’t do it. My children don’t seem to mind though, when I’m pulling up somewhere to pick them up from one of their many sports thingy’s and they’re waiting outside, and hear the deep rhythmical thump thump thump, you know the kind that comes from a young boy’s sport car, where the whole back end of the car is a ginormous sub woofer and you can hear the music from car before you see it, 4 lanes over and 5 cars behind and you can actually feel the beat of their bass through your body.

So picture this, you’re at a traffic light, and you’re looking to see who’s car is making all the noise and you’re expecting to see the young guy right? But instead you see a 47 year old soccer mom in a minivan moving and singing – should I be embarrassed, because that’s me?

I’ve got a great Infinity, six speaker stereo system, and I love a song with “a good beat, you can dance to it” (now I’m really dating myself back to the American Band Stand program that used to be on every Saturday morning. It was the typical stat answer the dancers used to give the 2 new songs that were introduced by Dick Clark every week).

Actually I’m a disco bunny (Urban Dictionary: A girl who likes going to the club to dance, all the time) from way back (In 1976 I was 16 years old when I snuck into my 1st disco tech) – I love to dance, you couldn’t get me of the disco floor (unless a crappy song came on), my friends and sister knew once we got on that dance floor, I would outlast them all. I just feel the music all the way through me, it makes me happy. I actually met my husband of 24 years at the disco! And, for the record, I believe that that is one important requirement for a long lasting relationship – you have to love the same music, which we do.

So here I am, in my minivan, with the windows down at the red light, moving and grooving as much as you can behind the steering wheel to some new hip hop, r and b soul song, like Rihinna’s lastest “Breaking Dishes” or Ne Yo “Closer” on a CD my daughter put together because she knows what I like.

You would think after all these years, that my husband would automatically know when getting into my minivan that he should turn the volume down before starting it, but no, it scares the crap out of him, and then I get a “jeesssuuusss” you’re going to go deaf. He can actually hear me rounding the house – is that bad?

My other daughter can actually hear me before I pull up to the curb – “yep” she says, “that’s my mom” with a big smile, she’s not embarrassed, and I guess I’m just enjoying it too much to be.

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