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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My name Linda Might As Well Be Gertrude

The name Linda is going by the wayside, just like Gertrude and Ethel. People just don't name their girls Linda anymore. Who knows, maybe someday the Britney's of the world will have the same fate. My grandmother's name was Gertrude. Although I loved my grandmother, growing up, I always thought that name was old fashion.

I occassionally hear "Linda" as a character on a tv show, and I think some writer's mother or aunt is named Linda and that is how the character got that name on the show, as an ode to them. The most hilarious episode I've seen on the TV show "Becker", was where his receptionist Linda had to tend to her friend Lynda who won't leave the office.

The name was listed among the top 10 from 1940 to 1965 due to the success of actresses Linda Darnell and Linda Christian.

My best friend's name in high school was Linda. We had fun with that when we went out to the bars. When someone would come up to us and ask us our name, we would point at each other and say in unison "Linda". It was funny and cute. In high school I used to sit in class most the time with at least three Linda's in attendance.

There is a web site for us Linda's, it's www.lindaclub.org. L.I.N.D.A. What other name has a club?

My mom and dad always made me feel special with my name, but I'm afraid it's one step away from Gertrude old fashioned.


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