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Thursday, May 08, 2008

My SUNY Binghamton Presentation on Crystal Healing

I had the pleasure of presenting an Introduction to Crystal Healing to students at SUNY Binghamton who were taking a class on Complimentary Medicine. It was very interesting. I first had them choose between rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz and hematite, and then I had them hold the stone in their left hand and ask the stone to tell them "yes' where it might vibrate, grow warm, or feel cold. We then discussed each of the stones healing descriptions. I talked about how I started, and I also performed a crystal healing on a volunteer all the while answering many questions about Crystal Healing. All in all it was a good experience.

My husband finally finished construction on my new Crystal Healing Room and Shop, so I am officially Open to do Crystal Healings and for you to stop by and check out my Tumbled Stones, Healing Bead Bracelets, and Crystals, but please call to make an appointment before coming 607-724-6422, or you can email me.

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Dear Nancy: I picked 2 angel cards for you from Doreen Virtue's deck. Archangel Raziel: Spiritual Understanding - I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths. Archangel Raphael: Breathe - Take several deep breaths, and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns. I felt like your energy / thoughts were scattered and random thoughts were coming and going. I worked on your throat chakra a lot (holds anger) and was all over your chest and liver area. When I got down to your root chakra (safety and security) I saw what I would describe as a cartoon character of a witch like in sleeping beauty. I told her to go away and leave you alone and got rid of her from your energy, which I think
related to bats I saw fly over you while I was at your head. I worked a lot at the bottom of your feet (grounding chakra). You may need to connect
with nature more and go out and walk around in the grass in your bare feet. Learn how to protect yourself everyday upon waking by surrounding yourself
with white and purple light and throughout the day as needed. Be Well Linda

Hi Linda, Thank you very much for your work and your words. I felt very good after the session. I will meditate on what you found and do the white and purple light protection every morning. I appreciate all the information. Thanks, Nancy

Dear Maddie: Honey oh honey, you had a lot going on, I worked the longest at your crown chakra (above your head) where you connect to spirit. Each chakra had some work that needed to be done, but the crown was the most. I also worked a lot at your right hip area and right thigh. All in all, I feel
this was more of a spiritual healing for you. I finished around 7:40ish.

Dear linda, thank you so very much. I could feel the energy at my crown, and in my hands the most, I did feel a vibration over my body at time. I have
been having trouble with my right thigh and hip. I am in need of a spiritual healing, I am having a dark night of the soul. I do feel better and this has
been a wonderful experience. I knew you were working on me longer. I thank you again for this wonderful experience peace.

Dear Maddie: I picked 2 angel cards for you from Doreen Virtue angel card set. Archangel Michael: Remember Who You Are - You are a powerful, loving, and
creative child of God. You are very loved. Archangel Jophiel: Clear Your Space - Get rid of clutter, clear the energy around you and use feng
shui. Be Well and a Big Hug from me

Dear Linda, I love Michael the arch angel, I have a statue of him on my alter. I have to tell you, I do feel better. and I do Reiki, and on wed. I had a
client and I have to tell you the energy coming from my hands was something I have never felt before, and I know it was do to the healing on monday, so
again I thank you maddie

Dear June from Essex UK: Sorry I didn't confirm, but I did work on you at 1:00 today (Sun.), I am not sure if were aware. I noticed a little something on the left side of your head and on your right shoulder. I worked on your solar plexus next, but the area I worked on the most was your right hip and pelvic area. Lastly I worked at the bottom of your feet which might mean that you needed some grounding. Be Well Linda

Thank you very much Linda for your healing. I felt a wonderful calm feeling around that time. I definitely felt your presense. Thank you so much for
your kindness. Thank you so much for your marvelous healing comments. I definitely think I need to become more grounded. I have neglected my meditation
in recent months as I am studying for a degree and am a single mum so I get caught up in the everyday madness that is contemporary life. Thank you so
much with lots of love and well wishes. Love-light-blessings June

Dear Sweet Muri: I cannot in good conscious charge you for this healing. I couldn't pick up that there was anything wrong with your friend Tonya anywhere on her body, which indicates to me that the person does not believe in what I am doing and therefore has pulled in their energy so that I cannot do a
proper reading. I will refund your money. I am however sending you some healing light with this email. Be Well

Hi Linda, Thanks for your healing light. I'm sorry you were not able to read my friend Tonya and I appreciate your honesty. Perhaps in the future she might be more receptive. As always, I appreciate you and will be in touch again soon. Thanks again and take good care! Muri