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Friday, November 19, 2004

Seven Chakra Bracelet
What it Means and What It Does

Article By: Linda Foltyn

This bracelet will help balance and align your chakra’s. Chakra’s are energy centers located in aura level of your body that correspond to different emotions, and parts of the body:

  • - For the crown chakra (connects with spirit) located at the top of your head I use amethyst gemstone (purple) which introduces one’s guides and angels, helps in insomnia and eases stress.

  • - For the third-eye chakra (seeing beyond the physical realities and understanding of non-physical truth) located between the eyes I use mother-of-pearl (white) which soothes and reduces stress and worry; increases knowledge that everything is okay.

  • - For the throat chakra (center of communication and expression, where anger is stored and finally let go) located at the base of the throat I use blue lace agate gemstone (blue) which makes self-expression easier and aids in speaking out.

  • - The heart chakra (directs ones ability to love oneself and others, and to give and to receive) located in the heart area, I use green aventurine gemstone (green) which opens the heart to others and increases trust in life.

  • - The solar-plexus chakra (receiver, distributor, and processor of energy and perceptual feeling) located just below the ribs, I use citrine gemstone (yellow) which aids urinary, kidney, and digestive diseases, clears, expands and aligns aura bodies.

  • - The belly chakra (basic needs are sexuality, self-esteem as personal power) located in the navel area, I use carnelian gemstone (orange) which stimulates and balance’s a women’s reproductive system – uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina.

  • - The base chakra (holds the basic need for security, safety and survival, body parts: hips, legs, lower back, rectum, vagina, and uterus) located in the pelvic area, I use garnet gemstone (red) which repels disharmonious others from your aura energy, and brings sexual healing.

The seven chakra healing bracelet works as a balancer, by taking in the negative energy into the gemstones and replacing it with positive energy that is specific to each gemstone. Once the chakra’s are aligned it may cause subtle changes to take place in your life. You may begin a new path of learning for a health problem, or things you may not have understood before regarding a personal problem you may begin to understand. It may get you started on a whole new path of awakening. For me it did all of the above.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

How To Choose and Use Healing Stones

Article Written by: Linda Foltyn

I want to show you just how easy this is. Without knowing what the healing stone is, double click on one of the stones that you are attracted to below, read the description of the stone and its healing properties. Most of the time the description will match issues that you have right now and may be trying to work on, or spiritual enlightenment that your are trying to aspire to.

Tumbled Gemstones Clear QuartzTumbled Gemstones AmethystTumbled Gemstones Rose QuartzTumbled Gemstones Hematite

Now that you have picked a healing stone for yourself you need to know how to cleanse and program it for optimal healing benefits, and how to use the healing stone.

When you first get a new healing stone you should clear any accumulated energy that it may have so that it is "clear" for you to use. A couple of ways to do this is to keep it in sea salt, smudge it with sage, or sometimes I just throw them in the bath tub while I'm taking a shower and let the water wash away the negative energy. Next, you need to program it so that the deva (essence) of the stone will work with you on any issues or problems you may have.

To program a particular healing stone, you need to first ask the stone if it will be a good healing stone for you and/or work with you. One way to do this is to hold the healing stone in your left hand, ask the stone, "Stone will you be a good healing stone for me"? (remember you have already intuitively picked the stone, and in most cases it picked you to, and is ready and willing to help). For me the stone "vibrates" in my hand, which tells me "yes", yes I will work with you. For some people it may create a warming sensation in your hand. If the stone remains as still as a "stone", that either means that it may have another use for you, as in some stones are for protection, or that it just is not the right healing stone for you at this time. Also if it creates a cooling sensation that would mean the same thing. For some people they need to use their right hand instead of their left. The left hand is your intuitive hand, and your right hand is your protective hand. If you are working with specific issues you can ask the healing stone more specifically what you wish it to do for you.

Now that you have your healing stone cleansed and programmed, how can you use it? I like to carry tumbled pieces in my pockets, I've even been known to put them in my bra (but you need to be careful they don't fall out). I sleep with certain stones under my pillow to help heal and protect me in my nightly travels. Not all stones are good to sleep with as some cause some far out dreams. Some generally good stones to sleep with are Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst. You can experiment and find out what works best for you. When my children were younger, I put a brown agate slice at the bottom of their bed, between the sheet and mattress, and what I found was that they had less nightmares and less disruptive nights. The agate I believe grounded them and protected them in their travels while sleeping and helped calm them while processing anything scary they might have encountered during the day at sleep time.

A basic way to start using them for healing yourself is to lie down somewhere quite, take 3 deep breaths, and hold clear quartz in both hands, place a clear quartz above your head and below your feet. Count your breaths, breath in 1, breath in 2, breath in 3 and so on up to 10, then start over at 1. This will help you to get rid of the chatter and miscellaneous thoughts that pop up in your head. Once you come to a place where you are more relaxed, you may have some thoughts or feelings come up to the surface that you need to release and let go, crying may be one emotion, let it surface, let it happen, and release it. This will help you to unblock issues and help to resolve old hurts. Or it just may end up being a session of deep relaxation from the day's stress.

Healing stones absorb and balance the energy in your chakras. Working with healing stones may help you find the strength and courage to find the help you need for a physical or mental problem you may be experiencing. Sometimes you will loose them or they will break into pieces, all that means is that you are done with that particular stones healing properties, or it has absorbed too much negative energy. I do not believe that they can directly cure any diseases, but provide spiritual enlightenment to shine a light in the right direction, so that you may take steps towards a better you.

I hope this helps you on your way to spiritual enlightenment and to becoming a better you.

Be Well

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Friday, November 05, 2004

How To Create a Crystal Altar

Article Written By: Linda Foltyn

Creating your own Crystal Altar is easy and inexpensive. What is a crystal altar? It is a special place where you keep your collection of crystals for mediation, and / or for an energy center in your home or apartment. It doesn't require much room, and can be set up in a few minutes.

To give you an idea, I have taken pictures of examples:

As you can see, it has crystals and stones, along with other items of nature, such as feathers, shells, wood, water, candles and even a prayer card. The point is you can use just about anything you choose. The important thing to remember is that each of these items should be special to you. I often put feathers on my altar that cross my path. You can use a shelf or dresser top as long as it is a place that will not be disturbed or that can not cause a fire when burning candles.

Once you have assembled your altar, the intention is to bring light and energy to you and your surrounding area. You can program your stones and crystals for specific use or just use them for decoration and let them do what they do naturally, which is to dissolve and balance energy. Meditating by your altar can help bring you peace.

Here is something I personally like to do. If I have a friend or family member that is having a particular problem with their health or relationships, I draw a circle on a piece of paper. In that circle I put the persons name, along with positive words that can help them with their particular problem.

For example, if someone is having health problems, I put their name inside the circle, and then put the words: healthy, happy, peaceful, love, light, and resolution. Now I put that piece of paper on the altar along with some tumbled stones that I think might help with the situation. Rose Quartz can always help by bringing in love and self-love. If you are familiar with the colors of the chakra's you might try a colored stone that relates to that part of the body they are having trouble with.

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Be Well