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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shine Your Radiant Light

God is the sun and when His rays fall upon your heart, not impeded by the clouds of egoism, the lotus blooms and the petals unfold.” –Sai Baba

Your heart is the most powerful thing you possess. When you share your heart with others, it illuminates the entire world. This radiant light is inherent to who you are as a human and spiritual being.

You can look up and see the sun shining in the day sky. The sun shares its warm light with the you and the entire earth. It allows life giving plants to grow and flourish. Without that light the world would be a barren, desolate place.

Your inner spiritual essence is much like the life-giving sun. If you are not careful you may take that life energy for granted. Next time you walk outside, allow yourself to stop for a moment, close your eyes and turn your face to the sun. Feel its warmth on your face. Imagine this light energy radiating to every part of your body.

Believe that you radiate in a similar fashion. Your light permeates everything you do. Your radiance is the most important thing you can share with the world. Your spiritual energy radiates your heart essence to everyone around you much like the sun does the earth. This light shares love with everyone regardless of who they are. Sharing your energy is inherent to who you really are and is done effortlessly without even trying.

You have a much greater capability of shining your light than you may realize. Do not be afraid to engage life with vigorous joy and radiance. Joy and happiness spread sunshine to everyone around you. Think of those you love and how you might make yours and their day special.

You have such an important role to play in the world you live in. Your light can change the world around you without even trying. The more you enjoy and experience life to the fullest, the more light you have to shine.

Your thoughts and intentions are very important as well. Being conscious of your intentions can generate a much greater light than you normally do each day by being who you are. Being positive about life and allowing that to shape your actions can quickly spread to everything you do.

Your radiance expands exponentially with increased positive intention. If you think it, you can do it. Likewise if you have cloudy, dark thoughts these will permeate your light and damper it.

Sit quietly sometime and visualize a profound light emanating from your heart center. Imagine that light spreading completely through your body. Envision it spreading through your house. Then see it spreading outward in all directions filling your neighborhood and beyond. Get in touch with your spiritual radiance and understand that the light comes from deep within you.

Think about what simple things you can do to change the world. When you commit yourself to altruistic actions you can affect positive change in such a powerful way. Do not doubt that you can. Direct your intention to those things which make your world a better place.

You have tremendous ability to share your radiance with others through the positive choices you make. Your thoughtful choices each day dictate how much or how little you are able to radiate your light to others. You can choose unconditional love or you can place many conditions on it. Fear can make you choose the latter.

You will have times when you experience fear. What do you fear? Fear restricts you from making choices that are in your highest good of yourself and others. Fear can keep you immobilized. When you experience fear, your light is hidden.

When you have times of great happiness and joy, you get in touch with who you are. Take care of yourself. Do whatever will make you the most happy. You can simply lose yourself when not being true to who you are. Happiness from deep within you allows your radiance to shine forth.

Have you ever been with someone who simply elevates the entire room when they enter it? With your thoughtful choices you can be that type of person. Everyone loves to be in the presence of such a person. A person is truly beautiful when they are overflowing with their full radiance and light. You can be such a person each and everyday.

Some ways of sharing your radiance with yourself:

Be light hearted with life
Just because things do not go your way does not mean the experience was a loss.

Take a walk in the sunshine
Take time to enjoy your life. It is precious and should not be squandered with things you “should do” or “have to” do.

Give a gift to yourself whenever possible
You can only be good to others when you can be good to yourself.

Some ways of sharing your radiance with others:

Share a smile with a stranger
A simple smile can do wonders for a person’s day. It is the simple things that sometimes matter most.

Write someone a note expressing love
How often do you take a small bit of time to let others really know you care?

Use laughter as the best medicine
When you can laugh with others you can make the world brighter.

Share a part of yourself with someone
Life can be so busy that you may forget to speak your truth and share yourself in all areas of your life.

There are so many opportunities each day to share your radiance. Choose to be like the sun and shine light into the world. You can make a difference so choose to be radiant, joyful and be aware of who you really are!

CJ Martes is an international healer, author and creator of Akashic Field TherapyTM (AFT), an integral method of Quantum Healing. Her work helps individuals identify and then remove subconscious negative patterns and beliefs at the mental, physical and spiritual level. Trained in Vibrational Healing and inspired by Quantum Theories and Spiral Dynamics, her work blends Behavioral and Integral Psychology, Vibrational Medicine, and cutting-edge Western science to produce amazing results.

CJ's available to speak on a variety of topics including, the Akashic Field, Reality Creation, The Human Energy Field, Past Lives, Human Bio-Energetic Energies and many others. Her work has been featured in numerous print and online publications. She has touched the lives of thousands of clients both in the U.S. and in over 14 different countries. To contact CJ, you can email: cj@cjmartes.com