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Friday, November 02, 2007

My Yeast Candida Alibicans Story

WOW – I finally took my own advice from my article on "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired" a free and easy way to check at home for Candida Overgrowth! It took me 20-some years to realize I needed to clear out my Candida. I will explain below my journey to the realization, along with what worked for me.

I was trying to remember back to my early 20's when this all started, back to when I had broken up with my boyfriend (now my husband of 23 years) AGAIN for the 50th time (that's a random number we both use to without much of a stretch). I decided to fly to California to stay with some high school friends so that I wouldn't be tempted to, once again, be talked back into going out with my (future husband). I went to a free clinic in California to be checked for what looked like some open sores in my under-regions, the doctor told me I had herpes. Devastated, I called my ex-boyfriend (future husband) and told him, to which he replied he had no symptoms. Long story short, he flew out to "rescue me" and bring me back home to NY. Not happy with my diagnosis, I went for another opinion, in which I was told I have Candida. What a relief, I thought to myself, only Candida (what the hell is Candida?) and without much further thought about it, and being a 20 year old, inexperienced, not a care in the world girl, that was probably the last time, in a long time I recall thinking or hearing of that word.

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