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Monday, May 15, 2006

My Thoughts

Happy Hello. It is now going on three years with my web site, and it keeps growing and growing, so I take that as a good sign. I enjoy filling all my orders and try to put an extra little gift into them along with healing intentions. I take as much joy in doing it, as I hope the receiver does in getting it. It keeps the energy flow of giving and receiving open. It shines a light of hope that someone cares about you.

I went back and re-read my previous “March” newsletters, because that is typically the month where I like to write something of my personal thoughts about what is going on with me and my web site. I still update and change my web site, but for the most part the hard stuff is out of the way, so I wanted to add something extra here that is personal to me, and that is my husband and son’s web site.

I created a web site for my husband and son who are embarking on a new venture together. They love to ride motocross these past couple of years, so I put together a web site for them that I had a lot of fun doing. So if you are interested in seeing photo’s of my crazy 50 year old husband ride motocross who wished he was 18 years old again and my 16 year old son who we have always lovingly referred to as Bub or Bubbie, then check them out at the link above. I know motocross is not related to my site, but Bub and Fred are very dear and near to my heart.

Finally, since I am revealing my personal loves and joys, I have designed and put together three more necklaces, purely from inspiration of beads I already had on hand, that I picked up here and there over the years, that I hadn’t done anything with until now – so you see it’s never too late to be inspired!

Be Well


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