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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Have you been to the doctor's office several times, and yet, they cannot really find anything wrong? It may be explained or surmised, that it's all in your head, or you need to rest more and be less stressed. Or they put your illness in an all-encompassing category that is not real specific with no treatment? Have you left the doctor's office more upset and frustrated that nobody is taking you seriously and nobody cares? Read below, as I offer you some simple, low cost tests you can do at home, to help you find out what is really going on. I will offer some web sites to visit that I have no affiliation with, so that you may find some products to help you solve your mystery illness.

I do not pretend to have all the answers, I am not a medical doctor, or a certified holistic health practitioner, there may be several reason you are sick, but one thing you know for sure is that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Medical Disclaimer: You should always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional for diagnosis of any illness. The information on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problems.

First Line of Action

Even though I may have vented my frustration above about visiting the doctor's office, your first line of action is to go to your medical doctor to see if they can determine what your illness is. Second line of action is to GET INVOLVED, do not take a back seat, be the driver. Do not rely on others to help you, help yourself by reading and research all aspects of your symptoms, a good place to start is by searching the internet. I also, believe illnesses are very personal, and what may work for one person, may not work for another. So go to the internet, go to the library, read, read, read until you have exhausted all you can on the subject. In the meantime here is my list of what steps I think you can take to start taking care of yourself.

Bookmark This Site

Bookmark or keep this web page as your favorites and come back to it often. You cannot possibly do all these at once and nor should you. Also, some of these ideas may be new to you, and you may have to think about it and come back to it later. Try one thing at a time, if that does not work go onto the next step. As I say, what works for one person may not work for another. This is what I have found through many years and much reading.

Many serious illnesses may have taken a while to grow and accumulate, so it may take many months for you to get better. It's like peeling away the layers of an onion, getting better one layer at a time, one out of balance thing in your body at a time. Sometimes, there just are no quick cures.

Again do not take my word for it. Read, take in or believe what you feel to be right and true, and see if that leads you somewhere. Good luck on your healing journey.

Your illness could also involve the spiritual, mental, past life or just genetics (physical).

Simple, Easy, Cheap Tests You Can Do At Home to Get You Started

Three simple things that you can do right away, that do not cost a lot but can give you a starting point to what may be wrong is to check your pH with pH papers (see subheading below), check your body temperature (see subheading below), and check for Candida (see subheading below).

pH Balance

If the pH of your body is more acid than alkaline, no matter what or how many vitamins and minerals you take, other herbal, homeopathic and other natural remedies you try, nothing will work, until you get your body pH balanced. It is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. It is non-evasive, non-harming, and it has no side effects except for better health. You simply take a saliva or urine test on pH paper. You can purchase pH papers below, and read more about this and products to help you achieve pH balance.

Test Your Body Temperature

Have you ever gone to the doctor's office and the nurse takes your temperature, and then says, "Everything's okay, your temperature is 97.6 (below the normal 98.6)". Once you read the information on this web site, you will realize, NO! - 97.6 is not good, as a matter of fact, if your temperature consistently reads below 98.6 taken 3 times a day at certain intervals, you may have Wilson's Temperature (Thyroid) Syndrome. Dr. Wilson explains how a whole host of problems can result in low body temperatures, and how they can be cured!


Definition of Candida albicans: A yeast-like fungal organism found in small amounts in the normal human intestinal tract. Normally kept in check by the body's own helpful bacteria, C. Candida albicans can increase in numbers when this balance is disturbed to cause candidiasis of the intestinal tract, or yeast infections of other parts of the body.
  • Candida Support is an organization that can help you do a free home test and answer questionnaire to determine if you have candida and also offer products that will help cure it.
  • Health Freedom Resources is another great web site for detoxing EVERYTHING and they have products for getting rid of Candida.


Now that you may have an understanding of the three easier solutions listed above in achieving better health, pH balancing, body temperature regulating and Candida testing, here are some other solutions I highly suggest you do in addition to, or try instead of the above.
  • Health Freedom Resources is a GREAT web site for detoxing EVERYTHING (colon, liver, kidney). Here is a sample of their free newsletter, which explains what happens to your body over time, and why you need to detox. I highly suggest you sign up for the newsletter.
  • The Master's Miracle another great option in detoxing your whole body.
  • Medicinal Clay Bath Treatment for Health and Detoxification - Great informational web site that includes clay baths for all types of detoxifying.
  • Parasites: Herbal Extracts Plus: I have used this product with great results. Parasite infections arise from the intrusion of roundworms, tapeworms, protozoa, micro-organisms and flukes into the body, and they enter via the mouth or the skin. They are found in contaminated soil, vegetables, meat, and water. Symptoms of such infections may include stomach pains, diarrhea, anemia, nausea, dysentery, amoebic hepatitis, weight loss, intestinal toxemia, colic, and cirrhosis. Our herbal blend is considered a "vermifuge," which helps to kill and expel parasites from the body.

Silver (Mercury) Amalgams / Heavy Metal Toxicity

Do you have silver (mercury) amalgam fillings in your mouth? If you do, you may find that this should be the first step in recovering your health by determining if heavy metal or mercury toxicity is affecting your body. Although I realize not everyone is sensitive to their amalgam fillings, it is always better to test to see if this is an issue for you. My experience has taught me one thing I know for sure, if you have amalgam (silver / mercury) fillings, as I do (12 total), and you have found out that you test positive for heavy metal / mercury toxicity, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you will not fully recover your health UNTIL you remove the HEAVY METAL / MERCURY TOXICITY / ALLERGY TO METALS problem in your body. Nothing else listed above or below will help. No matter how many vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, herbs, naturopathy, massages, acupuncture, yes pH balance and body temperature testing is NOT GOING TO FULLY WORK. Heavy metals / mercury toxicity / allergy to metals completely suppress your immune system from functioning properly and you need a certain type of detoxification to rid your body of heavy metal / mercury toxicity.

I have been able to get rid of some of the heavy metal toxicity in my body, by using homeopathic remedies, and using spirulina / chlorella, which is a natural chelating agent., but I have not been able to remove all of it because I still have amalgam (mercury) fillings and my body is sensitive to that.

Has the pH balancing helped me? For sure, I feel much more healthier and energized, did it stop me from getting sick (like it would for normal people not affected by heavy metal / mercury toxicity / allergy to metals) – no it did not. I am still susceptible to whatever is going around, and chronic bronchitis. Here is my personal story with heavy metal toxicity (link to paper I wrote long ago).

Here are some web sites to help you be more informed about the subject. The first one is a good one to help you test and get rid of heavy metals.

Plain Old Diet and Exercise (You've heard it so much you don't "hear it" any more or it's so generalized you don't know the specifics)

  • Doctor Oz from Oprah has a common sense approach to your diet and exercise, also check out More Dr. Oz Info.
  • Makers Diet The Maker's Diet is more than the title suggests. It is not just a “diet” book; it is a complete lifestyle book.
  • Diet & Exercise – You simply cannot go back to the way things were, with what you were eating, you just can't. Start little by little by changing 3 things: 1) STOP drinking soda PERIOD. Replace it with water. Soda has no redeeming value whatsoever; 2) STOP eating or drinking anything that has artificial sweetener; 3) Start walking at home or at work at lunch in the parking lot or around the block.

What To Keep In Your Medicine Chest

These items should be kept in your medicine chest. When you start to get sick from seasonal stuff that's going around, go back to the best defense – do a parasite cleanse, do a colon cleanse, get your pH balanced but also add below.

  • Probiotic Is good intestinal bacteria that is essential in keeping your colon in a healthy state. Antibiotics destroy the good and bad bacteria, therefore leaving your colon venerable to all sorts of bad viruses and bacterial growth.
  • Emer'Gen-C A great daily vitamin and mineral powder that dissolves into water, which is a better way to absorb your vitamins and minerals instead of pill form.
  • Airborne Great product to use as soon as your start to feel sick with a sore throat, sniffles, cold, flu etc. And it was developed by a teacher who was sick and tired of catching everything that was going around in class from her kids.
  • Garden of Life Primal Defense Good basic whole food supplement. Read about Jordan Ruben's amazing health crisis and journey to health.
  • Collidial Silver A healthy natural substitute for an antibiotic.


CMED Institute by Caroline Myss has a test to determine that unresolved spiritual, psychological or emotional factors impact the flow of energy in the chakras and may result, over time, in a weakening in the system and eventually in a physical illness.

When All Else Fails

When all else fails and nothing seems to be giving you answers. Surrender. Surrender and give it up to God, say God I surrender this illness to you, and ask God to help you through this illness every day, one day at a time.

My Healing Prayer To You. This is to whomever reads this passage, read it and you shall be sent light and love from God. Surrender and be open to the healing light and love that will come to you.

God is looking at you right now, he is smiling down on you, you can feel his warmth. God is surrounding you with a warm embrace, radiating his white healing light all around you and through you with his endless love for you. And so it is.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Wealthy, Be Wise, In Light, In Love

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