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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Is Healing Energy and How You Can Tap Into It

Energy is all around us, good and bad.

How do I know? I best relate it to a scene from the movie "City of Angels" when Meg Ryan says "The operation when really well" and Nicholas Cage says "It was a good day" she says "It was". "Yeah, I didn't kill anybody today" and he said "You're an excellent doctor" she says "How do you know?" he says "I have a feeling" she says "That's pretty flimsy evidence" he says while grabing her hand "Close your eyes, it's just for a moment", and then he proceeds to run his finger down the palm of her hand, he then says "What am I doing?" she says "You're touching me" he says "How do you know?" she says "because I feel it" to which he says "you should trust that".

And I do. That best describes energy work to me.

Bad energy can be cleared by sending good healing energy to a person, place or thing. I believe given a chance, anyone can be healed by clearing away the debris of negativity that they have collected in their mind, body and soul. Sometimes, people are unable to clear themselves and / or don't even know they are sitting in "it" (negativity). I am able to see "it" and feel "it", and get it moving and / or clear it out.

To read more about how to use healing energy go to What Is Healing Energy and How You Can Tap Into It

** Healing and Curing are Different **

Curing focuses on the needs of the physical body and seeks to relieve its symptoms and discomfort. Healing focuses on the needs of the soul and seeks to transform the root causes behind illnesses.



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