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Friday, January 27, 2006

How To Use A Pendulum

Amethyst Pendulum

Pendulums are used as a divination (a foretelling) tool, as are tarot cards, medicine cards, I Ching, and runes. Pendulums are a great tool that can be used in confusing times where you need yes or no answers to questions.

Pendulum’s come in all different kinds of materials including gemstones, wood, and glass. The pendulums that I offer are gemstone quality in amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz.

First thing you should do when you receive a pendulum is to cleanse and program it for your use. Some ways to do this are to (depending on the material) run the pendulum under running water with the intention of clearing out any energy it has collected. Smudging with sweet grass is another was to cleanse the negative energy out of the pendulum. To start, ask for your spirit guides and/or guardian angels of the highest light and highest good to be present before you start your questions. To program the pendulum for your use, hold it in your hand and ask the pendulum “Will you be a good divination tool for me”. Some people may sense something and some may not, no matter you then say “So will it be”. You are asking permission and then accepting it.

Before you begin using the pendulum you must ask it to show you what “yes” looks like, and then what “no” looks like. The reason for this is that for each person it may be different. For instance, I hold the end of the string to the pendulum, and make sure it is still. I then say “pendulum show me yes” and I wait, the pendulum then begins to turn in a circle, for me I notice it is a counter-clockwise circle. Now I know that a circle means yes. I then say “stop” and wait until it becomes still again. I then ask “pendulum show me no”, it then begins to move back and forth in a straight line. Now I know that a straight line means no. For some people it may be the opposite of mine for their yes and no indication,. I also find that the bigger the swing of the either yes or no answer, the more sure the answer is. For instance, I ask a question and I get a little circle, that means yes, but when I ask it another question and I get a big circle, that is a resounding YES!

I can then begin to ask it clear yes or no answers. If you cannot get a clear answer, try asking your question differently so that you can receive a clearer yes or no answer. For example: Question: Will I get a job soon? Response: No clear movement in any direction. Re-Question: Will I get the job I interviewed for as a secretary at Acme Company? Clear answer yes or no.

You can purchase your very own pendulum clicking on the link about, or by going to http://www.whitebuffalobeadsandstones/how-to-use-a-pendulum.html.

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