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Friday, January 07, 2005

About Healing Gemstone Bead Bracelets

  • Chakra Description
  • Assembly of Your Bracelet
  • Measuring for Your Bracelet
  • Understanding Your Bracelet
  • How My Bracelets Came Into Being
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Chakra Description

  • Chakra's are energy centers hovering an inch or two above the physical body in your aura field. They represent our emotional state, which if not balanced can over time, manifested into a physical illness. When we are happy and healthy, our chakra's are in alignment, and we radiate good health. When we are angry or unhappy over a period of time, our chakra's become blocked and unbalanced. The introduction of gemstones to help balance these chakra's, helps absorb the negative energy and replace it with positive energy. The gemstones help us to be more aware of our spiritual, mental, and physical well being, and empower us to help ourselves achieve positive health. These changes are subtle and happen over time.

    Webster's Dictionary Definition: Chakra's - One of seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga.

    Click Here for Seven Chakra Balancing Bracelet for more information on balancing chakra's and purchasing Seven Chakra Bead Bracelet.
Assembly of Your Bracelet
Measuring for Your Bracelet

  • At the end of the bead selection, choose the size of your bracelet by measuring in inches, the diameter of your wrist and choosing the closest size to that measurement.
Understanding Your Bracelet

  • - The reason there are no gemstone names listed with the beads, is that by choosing the beads that you are attracted to, you are picking out the gemstone that is needed for your healing at THAT time.

  • - Each bead represents a different chakra. And by choosing a bead, you are in essence picking the chakra(s) that need to be balanced at THAT time.

  • - Picking beads for yourself at "THAT Time" means once your set of beads has completed its healing, you may be attracted to different beads and/or need different chakra(s) balanced.

  • - Each bracelet is unique because it represents you! What may be attractive to one is not necessarily attractive to another, but one thing is for sure when you receive your bracelet, you might say - Ah Ha! That Is Me!

  • - Completed Bracelets come with the name of the gemstone and what chakra it represents, along with a description of how the gemstone can help in healing.**

    **partial healing descriptions taken from the book "Healing with Gemstones and Crystals" by Diane Stein (see contact and information page under favorite books to order.)

  • - Sometimes at a certain point in healing, you may loose and / or your bracelet may break. This is a sign that the beads have absorbed too much energy and / or you have completed that set of healing. It is a good idea to leave your bracelet on when you shower, the water helps to clear away any stored up energies.

    Click Here for Seven Chakra Balancing Bracelet or
    Here to Make Your Own Healing Bead Bracelet
How My Bracelets Came to Be

  • Before my business came to be, I had purchased and given away many loose tumbled stones for my family and friends. On any given day you will find that I have some kind of gemstone on me. When friends would comment on the stones that I had given them, they would have them in their purse or on their desk, somewhere not close enough to the body to help in their healing. I had gotten the idea one day from a friend I had worked with. Instead of giving her gemstones for healing, what if I let her pick the gemstones in the form of beads, and then she could wear them in an attractive way to help in her healing! And that is how my Personalized Healing Gemstone Bracelets came into Light.
Kids Especially Love These Too!

  • Want to help your child to be centered and calmer? Let them pick out their own beads for their own bracelet.


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