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Monday, December 20, 2004

How I Became Interested in Healing Stones

As children we are fascinated with the stones we find along our way. I remember as a child, holding an old coffee can and sitting in our driveway of crushed stone and picking out all the sparkly stones that shone so pretty in the sun. I would collect and admire my can of stones. Who hasn't as a child, picked up a fossil or funny shaped stone to show someone in excitement "Hey look what I found"!

As adults we lose that connection, that amazement of admiring healing stones that being a child can bring. Here is your chance to find that amazement again!

My connection to stones started again when I walked into a new age store, and I left with three of what I like to call everyone's basic healing stones. Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Hematite. Amethyst to bring in spirit, Rose Quartz to bring in self love, and Hematite for grounding and to protect from negativity. And that reconnection with healing stones, led me several years later, to my own web site.

I have bought and given to family and friends many healing stones along the way. I have also learned to use gemstones in healing sessions for family and friends. There is not a day that goes by without a gemstone necklace, bracelet or tumbled stone with me. I love gemstones in all forms. It is that love that has brought me here, so that I can share my joy and healing with you.

I have piles of tumbled stones all over my house inside and out. My children are excited to show me their findings, because they know how much joy it brings to me and them. I even have a dog that as soon as he is out the door, picks up a rock and starts chewing on it. He doesn't have any teeth left, but even he enjoys a good rock!

I encourage you to remember the child in you who used to have your own rock collection (even if nobody would let you bring them in the house!) and start again. Children know the magic of such things often forgotten as adults. (That's me at 4 years old)

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Well.
In Light. In Love.


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